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Programming with C - Byron S Gottfried

Programming with C : Download PDF

Programming with C - Byron S Gottfried
BYRON S. GOTTFRIED is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and Academic Director of the Freshman Engineering Program at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Ph.D. from Case-Western Reserve University in 1962, and has been a member of the Pitt faculty since 1970. His primary interests are in the areas of computer simulation, software engineering, and the use of new educational paradigms. He is the author of eleven college textbooks, including Programming with C, Programming with Pascal and Programming with Structured BASIC in the Schaum’s Outline Series.
 Dr. Gottfried is an active participant in the American Society of Engineering Education. Dr. Gottfried is also the academic director of the Swanson School of Engineering Freshman Engineering Program, which involves the planning and delivery of the school-wide freshman engineering courses, Engineering 11 and 12. As a result, he has developed an interest in new educational paradigms, and has spearheaded the use of active learning for computer-intensive courses within the Swanson School of Engineering.
About of the book - 
 The book includes complete and understandable explanations of the commonly used features of C, including most of the features included in the current ANSI standard. In addition, the book presents a contemporary approach to programming, stressing the importance of clarity, legibility, modularity and efficiency in program design. Thus, the reader is exposed to the principles of good programming practice as well as the specific rules of C. Complete C programs are presented throughout the text, beginning with the first chapter. The use of an interactive programming style is emphasized throughout the text.
Name of the book :- Programming with C
Writer :- Byron S. Gottfried
Language :- English
Subject :- C Programming
File type :- PDF
File Size :-12.93 Mb

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