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HTML: A Beginner’s Guide - Download free pdf

HTML: A Beginner’s Guide - Download free pdf

HTML: A Beginner’s Guide - Download free pdf

HTML: A Beginner’s Guide is that book, offering you practical tools and knowledge that can easily be applied to a variety of development situations, without the boring rhetoric or lengthy technical fluff. This book tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it. In revising this book, I again reviewed competing books to determine what readers wanted and needed in a “new” HTML book. Again and again, I saw that you wanted a book that combined HTML and cascading style sheets in a way that was easy to understand and use. Furthermore, readers clamored for a beginning-level HTML book that covered the standards-compliant way to code usable web pages. This is that book.

Each chapter includes Tips and Notes to provide additional reference information wherever needed. Detailed code listings are included, many times with certain tags or features highlighted with further explanation. Many chapters contain Ask the Expert question-and-answer sections to address potentially confusing issues. Each chapter contains Try This exercises and step-by-step projects to give you a chance to practice the concepts taught thus far. These projects are based on a real-world web development project I worked on for a nonprofit called Chop Point in Woolwich, Maine. Self Tests are included at the end of each chapter to give you another chance to review the concepts taught in the chapter.


Name of the book: HTML: A Beginner’s Guide

Writer: Wendy Willard

Language: English

Subject: Web developing

File type: Pdf

File size: 13.6 Mb

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