Monday, 19 January 2015

Linux : The complete reference.pdf

Linux : The complete reference - Download free pdf

Linux : The complete reference.pdf

 The Linux operating system has become one of the major operating systems in use today, bringing to the PC all the power and flexibility of a Unix workstation as well as a complete set of Internet applications and a fully functional desktop interface.
This book is designed not only to be a complete reference on Linux, but also to provide clear and detailed explanations of Linux features. No prior knowledge of Unix is assumed; Linux is an operating system anyone can use. This book identifies seven major Linux topics: shell environments, desktops, applications, security, servers, system administration, and network administration. It is really several books in one—a desktop book, a shell-user book, a security book, a server book, and an administration book—how you choose to use it depends upon how you want to use your Linux system.
You can download here free pdf of this operating system book, by clicking on ‘Download free pdf ’.

Name of the book:  Linux – The complete reference
Writer: Richard Petersen
Subject: operating system
Language: English 

File type: PDF

File size: 7.82 Mb

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